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Through long development of shipbuilding industry, Korean marine valve manufactures have supplied huge amount of valves for new building and conversion projects. Control valves in ship have great role for operating ship in safe and proper way as they control all kind of fluid which is critical factor of ship life cycle. Marine control valves can be divided by pressure, temperature and flow regulating type based on fluid’s requirements on ships operation.

Pressure control valves are applied for fluid of air, steam, water and oil through several types of control valves and pressure reducing valve, primary pressure regulating valve, differential pressure regulating valve and pressure control calves are those control valves in ship.

Temperature regulating valves are applied to water, steam and oil for proper engine operation and utility purpose. Temperature regulating valve with heat Sensor, 3way thermostatic regulating valve, 3way rotary valve and temperature control valves are those valves.

Flow regulating valves’ roles are to on/off fluid and change direction of fluid on the pipe line to equipment or target destinations. 3Way change over valve, CW shut off valve, emergency shut off valve, back flow prevent valve and flow regulating valves are are servicing for flow regulating mainly.

Also, marine control valve can be separated by their operation principal such as direct acting type and actuation acting type. Direct acting type valves are operated mainly inner spring loaded setting without any support from valve outside. the later type of control valves are mainly operated through actuator and accessory support. There are mainly three types of actuator for valve control such as Pnematic actuator, Electric Motorized Actuator and Hydraulic Actuator. They also works properly with accessories supports. Main accessories are controller, positioner, sensors, air regulator, Solenoid Valves, Limit Switch, I/P converter and etc.

These marine control valves are mostly critical parts of ships machinery parts, they are usually requested for class certification such as ABS, BV, CCS, DNV/GL, Lina, KR, NK and LR. As a leading marine control valve provider, Baumman International Co. offers a variety of marine control valves with class certificates as well as marine general valves for marine and offshore application.